Spiral Story Media

A spiral story is one that evolves.

Spiral Story Media is a platform to share my work as a storyteller using audio, visuals, and the written word. This site is intended as a place to share what I have learned along the way and connect with others interested in telling their story.




I work in film and video as a writer, producer, and editor. It was during the pandemic, unable to make films, that I began writing creative non-fiction and memoir.

Starting out in the mid-1980s as a production assistant in corporate video, I began to learn the craft. I wanted to do more, so earned a BA in broadcast journalism, and that led to work in the documentary unit at KCTS/PBS Seattle. In the mid-1990s, KCTS partnered with Disney to produce Bill Nye the Science Guy; I worked on the show as both an associate producer and assistant editor, winning three Daytime Emmy Awards in editing.